Multiliteracies Center Services


The Multiliteracies Center is a free service for all students that can help you draft or improve any writing assignment, presentation, or resume / CV. MTMC coaches will not write an assignment for you, but meeting with one will help you revise, proofread, use citation styles correctly, and develop your writing in new ways. Coaches can assist with any stage of any project where ideas must be communicated, from brainstorming to final polishing. They also provide support for multi-modal and multimedia design projects, as well as practice for English language conversation skills for international students. The MTMC offers walk-in, one time, weekly, group, and online appointments. Online appointments offer students help anytime, anywhere. You can sign up for an appointment and email your paper to the MTMC. An MTMC coach will reply to your email with written comments about your attachment. The MTMC is also currently offering a writing studio in room 107A. The Multiliteracies Center’s Writing Studio is a quiet writing space free of distractions, within the MTMC, where writing help is only a room away.

What can we help you with?

Any Writing, at Any Level, in Any Discipline

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students can work with MTMC coaches on papers and reports, focusing on a wide range of areas. This can include help with: understanding assignments, brainstorming, organization, development, grammar, punctuation, phrasing, or citation formatting.

Graduate Students

Graduate students are encouraged to use any of the three types of appointments: weekly, one-time, or walk-in. A weekly appointment may help graduate students to begin a dissertation, thesis, or grant proposal; plan and write a literature or research review; design articles for publication or conference presentations; figure out methods for organizing material more effectively; identify sections in your draft that are confusing or need more explanation; work on integrating and documenting sources into your draft; develop a résumé, vita, personal statement, and/or cover letter; get a different perspective on your research and writing; and get a student perspective on teaching materials.

Non-Native English Speakers

Non-native English Speakers can work with an MTMC coach on written and oral communication, practice conversational English, discuss U.S. classroom expectations, and check writing for clarity and understanding.

Staff and Faculty

 Faculty and staff are welcome to use the MTMC to help them develop or polish professional documents such as cover letters and journal articles.


MTMC coaches can help presenters orally rehearse and design visual arguments (such as PowerPoint presentations).


Writers can discuss documentation and citation in common styles (such as APA, IEEE, and MLA) with MTMC coaches. They can also learn to integrate and document sources to support arguments.


Readers can discuss challenging readings with MTMC coaches and develop methods for reading efficiently.

Graduate School and Career

Students and professionals can work with MTMC coaches to prepare applications, résumés, business letters, and personal statements.

Study and Organization Strategies

Students can develop strategies to stay on track, as well as learn note-taking methods and time management tools.

What appointments do we offer?

Weekly Appointments

A weekly appointment provides a consistent time each week to meet with the same coach over an entire semester. These appointments are a good choice for first-year students, students enrolled in a writing-intensive course, graduate students, or international students interested in practicing English.

One-Time Appointments

One-time appointments can be reserved up to two weeks in advance. These appointments are either 30 or 60 minutes.

Walk-In Appointments

If an appointment slot is available, students are served on a first-come, first-served basis. Wait time is usually no longer than 15-20 minutes. Walk-in appointments are 15 minutes long, with additional time available if there are no other students waiting.

Online Appointments

Online appointments are conducted through asynchronous comment bubble interactions in Google Docs or synchronous Google Hangout calls between students and coaches. Online appointments last 30 minutes.

Conversation Circles

Conversation circles are composed of international students who would like to gain awareness of campus, connect with members of the MTU community, become more acquainted with American culture, and improve their English conversation skills. These circles can be beneficial not only for smoothing personal interactions, but also for sharpening international students' preparedness for job interviews, collaborative projects, and interactions with faculty and other students. Groups are composed of up to six members, meeting once a week for one hour. An MTMC coach facilitates the circles, stimulating conversations and activities. These groups are a great way to connect with others, adjust to life at MTU, and have fun.

Graduate Writing Groups

MTMC coaches studying at the masters or doctorate level lead dynamic writing groups designed to meet the varying needs of graduate students of all levels and disciplines. Graduate writing groups can help graduate students develop, polish, organize, and complete written work, as well as offer platforms for presentation practice and refinement. For more information on how to join a graduate writing group, visit the MTMC (Walker 107).

Writing Studio

The Writing Studio is a distraction-free space to focus on writing. The Writing Studio is open during MTMC walk-in hours, so an MTMC coach will often be available in the next room to answer any questions writers may have as they work.