Online Appointments

Schedule an Online Appointment

Online appointments are conducted through asynchronous email interactions between students and coaches. Online appointments last 30 minutes. Sessions conclude with coaches returning students’ papers with written comments inside comment bubbles in the document.

To make an online appointment:

1. Log in to Accudemia with your MTU username and password (through

2. Select “appointments” and click “new by date.”

3. Filter by desired date and select “* Regular MTMC Appointments *” in the Center filter (You must press the “+” sign to expand the menu).

4. Click “Search.”

5. Select an available green appointment slot and select the relevant course and service in input fields 5 and 6.

6. Upload your paper to your MTU Google Drive account. You can add comment bubbles to your paper to point out certain areas to the MTMC coach who will be reading your paper. You can also leave comment bubbles to explain the assignment, or what you most want help with.

7. Copy the Google drive share link of your paper by right clicking the uploaded document in your drive, clicking “share,” and clicking “copy link.” Make sure to set the share setting “view only” to “edit.”

8. Paste the Google drive share link of your paper into input field 4 (the text box labeled “Specify notes” in the middle of the appointment form). In this same text box, you should also include any special instructions or concerns you would like to tell the MTMC coach who will be reading your paper. For example, you write about your assignment prompt, where you would like the coach to start reading, or what you have been struggling with while writing.

9. Click “Accept” at the bottom of the form.

10. Click “Make the Appointment” after the submission processes.

Please note: For online appointments, coaches are only able to comment on one document per 30 minute session. Because of time constraints, it is not always possible for coaches to comment on an entire document. For documents longer than 10 pages, students should be prepared to revise and resubmit if they feel they need further assistance.