Make an Appointment with a Multiliteracies Center Coach

Community Rules

The MTMC is a resource for everyone at MTU. These rules help us provide equal access to the writers who use our service.

• Writers should check their email before each session. If there is a technology snag, a coach may need to reach out to you before your meeting.

• Writers are allotted 3 hours of coaching a week (6 appointment slots)

• Writers need to attend asynchronous online appointments. Repeatedly missing appointments may result in cancellation of future bookings.

• Writers are allowed to meet with the same coach for one hour per day.

If you are having trouble making an appointment, please contact the MTMC at


Online Appointments

You can book an online appointment in Timeslot by filtering by appointment type in the first page of the appointment booking form. For both types of online sessions, you should include the Google Drive link to your current project into the appointment’s comment box. Also include any special instructions or concerns you would like to tell the MTMC coach who will be reading your paper.

For appointments through document comments: A coach will open your document at the scheduled time and leave you written feedback. To book, paste a Google Drive link for your paper in the comment box at the end of the session booking form. In the same comment box, please tell your coach a little about your project and what you would like help with. Make sure your link permissions are set to “edit.”

For appointments through chat or webcam: A coach will call you over Google Hangouts to discuss your work (your document will be open in a second window). At your scheduled appointment time, log in to Google Hangouts and be prepared to accept a chat invitation from your MTMC coach. You may use a webcam or microphone in your session.

Appointment receipts: Many students forward the comments from their session to their instructor as proof of an appointment. You may also visit the center at a later time to request a written slip from the assistant director or a graduate student coordinator.