What to Expect in an MTMC Session

What to Expect in an MTMC Session

Hi there! So you’ve just made an appointment at the Multiliteracies Center – what happens now? Although every session is different depending on the needs of the student, here’s a general breakdown of what to expect:

The first step is signing in. When you walk into the MTMC, there will be a computer station immediately to your left. You can either tap your Michigan Tech ID on the small grey box, or type your Michigan Tech username (your email without @mtu.edu) in the entry box on the screen.

Next, a coach will ask if you have an appointment. It is helpful at this point if you know the name of the coach you made an appointment with. Once you are set up with your coach, the actual session begins.

Your coach will begin with introductions, asking about what you would like to work on and what writing concerns you may have. Sessions often feel like a conversation about your work. Your coach can help you think of ways to improve your paper, but your input is absolutely necessary.

Be sure to bring any prompts, rubrics, or examples that you have, because they may help you and your coach gain a deeper understanding of an assignment or project.

Once you and your coach have established what you would like to work on in the session, your coach will begin reading through your paper with you. This is often done with you or your coach reading aloud.

As the coach reads through your paper, you should expect to be asked some clarifying questions. Try not to get defensive about your paper. Coaches ask clarifying questions simply to understand, not to criticize.

You should also be prepared to point out any areas of the paper that you would like to focus on. Your scheduled time may not be long enough to delve into every nuance of your work. Your concerns can be the coach’s top priority. However, if a coach notices an issue they think is important, they will point that out to you as well, and they may want to shift the focus of the session from grammar, for example, to organization.

As the session wraps up, your coach will likely summarize the key points from your conversation. Feel free to take notes on these recommendations, or ask your coach to mark areas for revision. At this point, any additional questions are welcomed but can only be addressed briefly. Your coach can only work with you for the length of your appointment (typically 30 minutes), but you can always make another appointment!

As you leave the MTMC, don’t forget to sign out. The process is exactly the same as signing in: either tap your ID card on the grey box, or type your username.


See you in the Center soon!