23 Things You Didn’t Know Your Writing Coach Could Do for You (You’ll never guess number 17).

23 Things You Didn’t Know Your Writing Coach Could Do for You (You’ll never guess number 17).

1. Provide you with unlimited access to mints. 

A bowl of mints sits next to the sign-in station, silently luring you into the writing center. Beware, this isn’t a trap. Mints are actually an integral part of being a writer or a student and without them we wouldn’t be the awesome people we are. Even if you don’t need to use the center at the moment, we all know everybody could use the mints.

2. Help you set up an appointment.

By coming into the center a coach can help make a student an appointment through Accudemia. These appointments can be one-time, weekly, or even online, and can help with any assignment involving writing, speaking, reading, and presenting. Any subject is welcome, and appointments can be used for skill-building for reading and writing in English.

3. Help you with oral presentations.

A coach can help you with any presentation that you might have for any class. This includes technical and non-technical presentations, and we can make sure the information you are presenting is clear and organized. We can also help with arranging slides to better target your audience.

4. Help you schedule a weekly appointment.

Coaches can help students schedule weekly appointments. You can schedule by date, time, or coach. We use a online scheduling system called Accudemia, and it allows both students and coaches to make appointments for a wide variety of skills and classes. Come on in and schedule an appointment today!

5. Brainstorm ideas for your assignments.

Your coach can help you through the whole writing process – not just your finished draft. If you bring in your assignment, our coaches can help you brainstorm and outline your ideas to get you a strong start your project

6. Global Issues Study Teams.

Coaches can help students study for their Global Issues classes, including going over class material, studying for upcoming exams, discussing in-class articles and going over writing assignments. Global Issues study teams are made up of 1-15 students who all are in the same class section, and a MTMC coach will be there to facilitate discussion and help students succeed.

7. Help with with writing resumes and cover letters.

Coaches can go over resumes and suggest several ways to layout the information. They can also help with writing cover letters and brainstorm ideas for things that should be included in a cover letter. It is always a good idea to get help with resumes at least a week before career fair.

8. Coaches host several workshops throughout the semester.

Throughout the semester coaches host several workshops on topics such as how to write a resume, how to deliver an effective presentation, help with global issues, poetry etc. All students are welcome to come for these workshops, the only requirement is to sign up once the form goes out.

9. Provide constructive feedback on any project.

No matter the subject or your major, coaches can review your work to provide both positive and constructive feedback. Students can sit down with a coach and review their writing process, ideas, and concerns about their papers or projects to see where they could improve and what they are doing well. Coaches can also make sure students are staying on topic and responding to the given prompt.

10. Walk-Ins.

Between the hours of 11:00am-3:00pm Monday through Friday and 7:00-9:00 pm Tuesday through Thursday the MTMC will always have at least one walk-in coach to help any student who did not schedule an appointment through Accudemia. You can bring in an paper or assignment into walk-in hours, and a coach can work with you for up to 20 minutes at a time. You are also welcome to stay and work in the center after you receive help.

11. Online Appointments.

Appointments can now be made online with coaches incase students can’t make it to the center during the day. These appointments can be made through Accudemia, similar to other appointments. The difference is that students upload the assignment they want reviewed to the Google Drive and share it with the center, then coaches can open the document and edit during the appointment time. Students can then see the comments coaches made after their appointment is finished. These appointments can be made for 30 or 60 minutes.

12. Writing Studio.

The Writing and Design Studio is available to students in Walker 107 A, which is located in the Multiliteracies Center. There are small tables and chairs to either work individually or in groups on an assignment or project. The MTMC also offers recording equipment and visual design software, and if you want to use any of the equipment, talk to one of the graduate student coaches in the back of the center.  

13. Conversation Circles.

International students and other students wanting to learn about the community from students that have been at Tech for a while can sign up for these weekly Conversation Circles, which are offered several times a week. Coaches lead the conversation and students can either bring a topic to discuss or play games and talk to each other.

14. Help with reading and writing in English.

Coaches can help students struggling with reading or writing in English. Students can choose any way they want to practice a skill as well. They could practice reading stories out loud, different writing exercises, or even just practice with conversation. Grammar and pronunciation can also be focused on.

15. Design a Poster.

Coaches can help you design a poster for any class or assignment you might have. We can help with marketing materials for a student organization, or an informational poster for a lab. Coaches can also help brainstorm ideas for your poster, and help you format your poster to reach your specific audience.

16. Design a presentation.

Coaches can help you design a presentation, brainstorm ideas and ways to layout the information for every slide. They can also help with structuring the slide to convey the information well. If you need ideas on how to present it, you can get help with that too. All you have to do is ask!

17. Proofread your text messages.

Can’t figure out how to reply to your crush’s last text? Never sure which emoji to use? Come on in and get our expertise on crafting the perfect text. Whether it’s your bestie or your roomie, we’ve got you covered with all things text.

18. Creative Writing.

Coaches can help with writing that isn’t a school assignment as well. Anyone who is writing something for fun is welcome to stop by and receive feedback or help. This could be creative writing in any form: poems, stories, or even love letters. Coaches are happy to help students explore their own writing for their own personal development.

19. Help you write and record a podcast.

Coaches can help students write and record podcasts. Coaches can help students brainstorm postcast material and help students write and construct a script. We also have fancy recording equipment in the Writing Studio so you will sound super official and legit. To use recording material, talk to a graduate coach.

20. Graduate School Applications.

Students interested in higher education can stop by the center to receive help starting, finishing, editing, or brainstorming ideas for their graduate school applications. Even after being admitted, they can come back to the center for help with their graduate level papers and projects.

21. Scholarship Applications.

Any student needing to write an essay or make a project for a scholarship application can get help with brainstorming, organizing, and editing their applications. They can bring the requirements with them and get feedback on what they have completed and where they could improve to maximize their chance of getting money.

22. Help you write the perfect recipe.

Do you have a penchant for the culinary arts but just can’t seem to bring it to life on the page? Let our coaches help you describe the vibrant spices and savory meats in a way that will leave your readers salivating for more. You’ll be a regular Betty Crocker in no time.

23. Act out your screenplay.

Have a screenplay that you’re looking to read out loud and act out? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Make an appointment on Accudemia and we can spend an hour bringing life to your future blockbuster. Each coach is equipped to impersonate up to 20 characters, so it’s like having your cast all set! We’ll help you weed out any plots holes too, free of charge.