Face-to-Face Appointments

Schedule a Face-to-Face Appointment


To make a face-to-face appointment:

1. Log in to Accudemia with your MTU username and password.

2. Select”appointments” and click¬†either “new by coach” or “new by date”.

3. Filter by date or coach name and select “Multiliteracies Center” in the Center¬†filter.

4. Click an available green appointment block.

5. Click “Subject Areas” to select which of your classes your appointment will concern. If you wish to focus your appointment on something outside of your classes, select “other services”.

6. Click “Services” to select what you would like your coach to help you with (eg, writing, spoken English).

7. Click “Accept” and “Make the appointment”.

8. Check your MTU email for a confirmation from Accudemia.

Click here to see what kinds of face-to-face appointments we offer.


Watch the video below to see how to make an appointment through our scheduling system.