Writing Process

The clock begins ticking down from thirty minutes, you frantically begin to brainstorm examples that support your argument as well as those that oppose your argument. Twenty minutes are left and the formation of the introduction is in full speed. With only ten minutes left, you are just trying to get words on the screen. […]

Writing under Time

Although we all may like to think that there is one set way to write, and that if we learn that method we ourselves will become excellent writers, sadly that just isn’t true. In reality, we all have our own styles of writing and preferences for the medium in which to write. Take writing on […]

Tools for Writing

I was helping out a study team the other day and they asked me the question: why can’t I cite Wikipedia? Is it some sort of holdover from the dead tree days when only things in print were worth quoting? Isn’t it updated more quickly than the paper version? And yes, anyone can update, but […]

What’s up with Wikipedia?

With Michigan Technological Universities 2015 spring career fair approaching in a few weeks everyone is stressing about getting their resumes in tip top shape, and attempting to find an outfit so they can dress to impress! However, when you finally get up to the front of the hour long line and are about to talk […]

Elevator Speeches

As I’m sitting here, the vertical line blinking nonstop on the blank, Microsoft Word document, I’m reminded that I have yet to respond to that Facebook post that I thought was so funny. I pick up my phone, open the Facebook app. No, I shouldn’t. I’m supposed to be writing—the real kind of writing, with […]

The Real Kind of Writing

Three weeks have passed in the spring semester, and the largest concern I hear from students is that they don’t know where to start with their essays. Beginning an essay is a daunting task, and oftentimes, it is the most frustrating aspect of the writing process. However, there are ways you can make your pre-writing […]

The Blank Page

As a geology student working as a coach in the MTMC, my field of work and study seem very different from my coaching. But how different are they really? The terminology may be different but many of the concepts are the same. For example, a year ago I was unfamiliar with rhetoric but found that […]

Working Across Disciplines

“Why I Write” is an essay written by George Orwell initially published in 1946. Orwell begins by proliferating the idea that writers are born, not made and continues by identifying four major motivations for writing: sheer egoism, aesthetic enthusiasm, historical impulse, and political purpose. I take issue with this essay because I think it answers […]

“Why I Write”