Writing Process

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While including sources in academic writing is a familiar concept to most students, smoothly integrating the sources can present a challenge. Though this can be a confusing process, it is also critically important. Using sources appropriately isn’t just a matter of a few points getting knocked off an assignment; incorrectly using sources can be a […]

Integrating Sources

You’ve done the brainstorming, you have your outline, your thesis is solid, and you have a stack of excellent resources to use for your research paper.   Though you know how to do citations well, the thought of doing it over and over and over again seems a little overwhelming, especially since you still have to […]

In-text Citations in Microsoft Word

This is a short guide on organizing and writing a lab report. Below are the 6 basic sections you should include when are you writing a lab report.   Objective Procedures Discussion Conclusion References Appendix   This post will cover in more detail on what should be included in each of these 6 sections.   […]

Lab Report Guide

Imagine that you’re writing a paper, but some of the sentences just seem to fall flat. Words like “good” or “things” stand out negatively when compared to the complex technical terms that are used strategically throughout your paper. A thesaurus can be an excellent resource, but it does have its risks. Misusing a thesaurus can […]

Thesaurus Tips

Writing with proper grammar in English is a troublesome task for most people. Regardless of how one might speak, it’s almost guaranteed to be different than the academic style of English  required by universities. One extremely common feature of spoken English that differs from written English is the use of prepositions at the end of […]

Sentences that End with Prepositions

Sometimes we come across professors that demand much in their assigned essays: astronomical word counts, unrelated questions to address, intense amounts of detail, etc. These assignments can drive a student mad, working hour after hour adding detail after detail. The end result might be a seventy-page research paper worthy of a Ph.D, or a Nobel-prize […]

Trimming Down an Essay

As a college student, the postponement of school work is pretty much second nature. Procrastination is the friend that doesn’t know when to leave, and it’s so comforting and fun that we have a hard time saying, “It’s time to go.” This is why it ultimately becomes our downfall. It’s extremely tempting to put work […]

Working with Procrastination