At the Michigan Tech Multiliteracies Center, one of the services we offer to students is the opportunity to join a Global Issues study team. Study teams are organized specifically for students currently in the course Global Issues and are grouped by professor. Groups of students meet once a week for an hour with one of […]

Global Issues Study Teams

The clock begins ticking down from thirty minutes, you frantically begin to brainstorm examples that support your argument as well as those that oppose your argument. Twenty minutes are left and the formation of the introduction is in full speed. With only ten minutes left, you are just trying to get words on the screen. […]

Writing under Time

MTMC March 4
by Eric It’s one thing to have writer’s block, but have you ever had trouble choosing a topic? It happens to the best of us, everyone from the author who writes for fun to the student who struggles to turn in his paper on time. Sometimes the issue is caused by restrictions that have been […]

Topic Troubles

new multi design for accudemia
Language Definition: (Noun) 1. the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way. 2. the system of communication used by a particular community or country. In the MTMC: our coaches work with students on various forms of communication, and hence language. Whether written […]

Word of the Week – L

  Students enjoying games at the Holiday Open House The MTMC ended the semester with a sugar-fueled celebration on December 10. Coaches and students of both IGTAAP and the MTMC gathered to play games, eat snacks, and listen to live music provided by talented coaches. The event started with pies, cookies, and cider – both […]

MTMC Holiday Party Recap