Dissertation Bootcamp Dos
The MTMC will be offering dissertation boot camps on May 23 – June 2 and July 11 – July 21. Dissertation boot camps are writing focus sessions where graduate students can set writing goals to make progress in long projects. Coffee and snacks will be provided, and an MTMC coach will facilitate the event. The […]

Dissertation Bootcamps in the MTMC

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This semester, a new collaboration has been occurring at Tech: Student Research Consultants from the library have been “switching places” with Multiliteracies Center coaches. In an effort to expand the reach of both services, representatives of each have established office hours in the other’s location. This is not a new notion, however. In 2008, Mardi […]

Reflecting on “Exploring common ground: US Writing Center/Library Collaboration” by ...

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  On Monday, October 26, 2015, Michigan Tech’s Multiliteracies Center (MTMC) held a pumpkin party alongside their neighboring center, the International Graduate Student Communication and Culture Center (IGSC3)! This pumpkin party included the attendance of coaches and students from both centers, many international students carving pumpkins for the first time, snacks, refreshments, and an overall […]

Pumpkin Carving Party – 2015

Starting in the spring semester of 2016, online appointments will be available to all students, staff, and faculty. Online appointments will be conducted through asynchronous email interactions between students and coaches. After signing up for an online appointment, coaches will contact students, requesting electronic copies of their assignments (Word and Google Doc are acceptable file formats). Online […]

Online Appointments Now Available!

For National Day on Writing, the MTMC is featuring a “Plot Line” for writers to interact with. Writers can read the story so far, write what they think should come next, and stick the next installment on the window. The Plot Line will be up all day, so make sure to check it out before […]

The MTMC Plot Line