Coaching Tips

Hi there! So you’ve just made an appointment at the Multiliteracies Center – what happens now? Although every session is different depending on the needs of the student, here’s a general breakdown of what to expect: The first step is signing in. When you walk into the MTMC, there will be a computer station immediately […]

What to Expect in an MTMC Session

A significant portion of MTMC users are ESL students. Coaches are often nervous for their first few ESL appointments, but I would guess that the students might be just as nervous. It is a difficult and self-conscious process to transfer your thinking to a language you may not fully grasp, and even more to do […]

Resources and Tips for ESL Appointments

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Michigan Tech’s Multiliteracies Center (MTMC) has started working with students online on their work! While many students utilize this service due to ease, there are some features of it that need to be carefully taken care of in order to ensure that the best possible service is given. The first main feature that needs to […]

Becoming an Asynchronous Coach

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Working with international students, as a national student, can be one of the most frustrating things possible when employed as a learning center coach. This is not because it is not fascinating to learn of differences between one another, but because it is very difficult to get past language barriers at times. This difficulty cannot […]

Working Through Language Barriers

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When I was in a study team as a student, we used Google doc. as a platform for our team to collaborate, and it worked for us really well. Since then, I have utilized Google Doc. for my past three study teams at the center, and the students agreed that it has been really helpful […]

Suggestions for Leading Study Teams

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It was my senior year of softball in high school and I was feeding balls through a pitching machine to a teammate who was taking batting practice.  Having taken years of batting lessons, I sounded like a broken record, “eye on the ball…raise your hands…don’t turn your head…shorten your swing…” Eventually, my teammate became frustrated […]

“What does it take to get a compliment?”