The Multiliteracies Center is a free service for all students that can help you draft or improve any writing assignment, presentation, or resume / CV. MTMC coaches will not write an assignment for you, but meeting with one will help you revise, proofread, use citation styles correctly, and develop your writing in new ways. Coaches can assist with any stage of any project where ideas must be communicated, from brainstorming to final polishing. They also provide support for multi-modal and multimedia design projects, as well as practice for English language conversation skills for international students. The MTMC offers walk-in, one time, weekly, group, and online appointments. Online appointments offer students help anytime, anywhere. You can sign up for an appointment and email your paper to the MTMC. An MTMC coach will reply to your email with written comments about your attachment. The MTMC is also currently offering a writing studio in room 107A. The Multiliteracies Center’s Writing Studio is a quiet writing space free of distractions, within the MTMC, where writing help is only a room away.


Multiliteracies Center coaches are comprised of both graduate and undergraduate students. Currently, we have 25 undergraduate and four graduate RTC (Rhetoric & Technical Communication) coaches. Our undergraduate coaches come from a variety of majors, including engineering, sciences, forestry, business, and the humanities disciplines.

To ensure ongoing professional development, our coaches attend a weekly coach-education course. Our coaches' diverse voices incorporate ideas from numerous cultures, genders, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, races, and economic backgrounds. Together, they bring continued renewal and transformation into the work of the Multiliteracies Center.


Abraham Romney

Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition

Director, Michigan Tech Multiliteracies Center

Walker 101


William De Herder

Assistant Director of the Multiliteracies Center

107 Walker


Emma Lozon

Graduate Student Coordinator



141 Walker


Rachel Hetherington

Multiliteracies Center and IGSC3 Coordinator



107 Walker