National Day on Writing 2015

The MTMC celebrates the National Day on Writing by letting students use their creativity to build a story a together. Post-It notes were stuck outside the MTMC for Techies to come and write out what they wanted to happen within the story. The goal of this: to compose a unique tale from many different students! Check out what was created last year!

Today I decided I would try to have a conversation with every stranger that I came across. As luck would have it, the first person I met was Mr. Potato from Toy Story and he asked me for advice on a low carb diet. But, since he’s a potato, I just diced him up and made potato salad to eat for my picnic at the World Potato Championships.
Screams of terror run throughout the fair. Mr. Potato was the prize winning potato. Everyone was suddenly distracted by a loud and frightening noise. It was Big Russell, trying to avenge the death of his buddy, Mr. Potato. Russell was running around, his blonde flow flying, stealing everyone else’s potatoes. However, he was soon stopped when he ran into me. We both fell to the ground. I must have hurt myself in the fall, but I was too distracted by the undeniably captivating flow to care at all. Then, in a mixture of fear and joy I remembered my resolution to talk to strangers. I said, “Why hello, sir. What undeniably blonde and textured hair you have. What salon do you go to?” From there, he directed me to the corner of 5th and 8th street where I bumped into Mrs. Potato and she asked me where Mr. Potato was. “I believe he is a major contestant of the World Potato Championships,” I said.