Global Issues Study Teams

At the Michigan Tech Multiliteracies Center, one of the services we offer to students is the opportunity to join a Global Issues study team. Study teams are organized specifically for students currently in the course Global Issues and are grouped by professor. Groups of students meet once a week for an hour with one of our writing coaches to plan, discuss, and review course content.

Coaches coordinate the meetings around students’ preferences; in any weekly meeting, the group could work on discussing course readings, reviewing course notes and other materials, preparing for exams, peer-reviewing essays, and/or playing games centered around course material to help effectively remember it.

Although students in Global Issues are not required to join these teams, those who do are typically very satisfied with the teams and have even been shown to perform better in the course. Students are given the opportunity to discuss and review materials from class, which freshens the material in their minds and makes it easier to recall. Furthermore, students have the wonderful opportunity to work collaboratively to prepare for exams, an opportunity not possible without these teams.

If you are an MTU student in Global Issues or know someone taking the course, consider a global issues study team to help benefit your or a friend’s preparation for the course.

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