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When I was in a study team as a student, we used Google doc. as a platform for our team to collaborate, and it worked for us really well. Since then, I have utilized Google Doc. for my past three study teams at the center, and the students agreed that it has been really helpful […]

Suggestions for Leading Study Teams

This is a short guide on organizing and writing a lab report. Below are the 6 basic sections you should include when are you writing a lab report.   Objective Procedures Discussion Conclusion References Appendix   This post will cover in more detail on what should be included in each of these 6 sections.   […]

Lab Report Guide

Definition: (Noun) 1) the activity or skill of marking coherent words on paper and composing text. In the MTMC: In the Multiliteracies Center, the majority of students who come in for appointments are working on writing-based projects. Coaches collaborate with students to develop outlines for their writing, edit and review their writing, check grammar and organizational […]


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Definition: (Adjective) 1) having desirable or esteemed characteristics or qualities. 2) having monetary value.   In the MTMC: The coaches who work in the MTMC are valuable, and the work that they do on a daily basis is valuable, as well. Coaches are understanding and helpful to every person who walks in the door. They […]


Imagine that you’re writing a paper, but some of the sentences just seem to fall flat. Words like “good” or “things” stand out negatively when compared to the complex technical terms that are used strategically throughout your paper. A thesaurus can be an excellent resource, but it does have its risks. Misusing a thesaurus can […]

Thesaurus Tips

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Definition: (Adjective) 1) sympathetically aware of other people’s feelings; tolerant and forgiving. 2) having insight or good judgment. In the MTMC: Coaches who work in the MTMC are understanding because they, too, are students at the university and can understand the challenges of academic writing, integration, and cultural differences. Coaches practice open-mindedness and work understandingly […]


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This semester, a new collaboration has been occurring at Tech: Student Research Consultants from the library have been “switching places” with Multiliteracies Center coaches. In an effort to expand the reach of both services, representatives of each have established office hours in the other’s location. This is not a new notion, however. In 2008, Mardi […]

Reflecting on “Exploring common ground: US Writing Center/Library Collaboration” by ...

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Definition: (Adjective) 1) of or relating to a particular subject, art, or craft, or its techniques. 2) of, involving, or concerned with applied and industrial sciences. In the MTMC: Our coaches are experienced with technical subjects since the majority of degree programs at Michigan Tech are of technical nature (engineering, information technology, software development, etc.). […]


Writing with proper grammar in English is a troublesome task for most people. Regardless of how one might speak, it’s almost guaranteed to be different than the academic style of English  required by universities. One extremely common feature of spoken English that differs from written English is the use of prepositions at the end of […]

Sentences that End with Prepositions

Sometimes we come across professors that demand much in their assigned essays: astronomical word counts, unrelated questions to address, intense amounts of detail, etc. These assignments can drive a student mad, working hour after hour adding detail after detail. The end result might be a seventy-page research paper worthy of a Ph.D, or a Nobel-prize […]

Trimming Down an Essay