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Multiliteracies Center

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there is currently no walk-in service.
All appointments will be conducted online.
Open Hours 
Monday - Thursday 
10 - 7

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Located in Walker 107

Multiliteracies? Don’t get hung up on the name. While primarily a writing center, MTMC coaches are here to help you troubleshoot a multiplicity of writing and literacy related issues. Could you use some help crafting a successful resume or CV? Do you want drafting, revision, or editorial advice for a research paper or lab report? Does your poster or slide presentation need design and content improvement? Do you need help starting or refining a writing or speaking assignment? Our highly trained MTMC peer coaches are here to help you produce your very best work, at any stage of the writing process, in any academic dicipline, and at any level of expertise.

Research & Reading

MTMC coaches can help you verify the credibility of your sources, read for comprehension, and identify key concepts and ideas for upcoming papers, exams, or other writing assignments.

Writing & Proof-Reading

From dissertations to discussion posts, Multiliteracies Center coaches are excited to help you identify common writing errors, improve your flow, and convey your ideas clearly and coherently.

Presentations & Organization

Whether it’s a PechaKucha, a poetry reading, or a thesis defense, MTMC coaches can help you refine and tailor your content and ideas for any target audience, and make sure you use your time and your words wisely.

Study Groups & Community

Global Issues, Composition, Intro to Film…heavy reading…difficult lectures…complex language. Come to the MTMC to find a study-group of like-minded peers. Or just come to relax with friends at the Writer’s Cafe.